Job Description
FUNCTION: DoD Engineering Cost Studies (Analyst 1 thru Senior Analyst/Technical Expert)
LOCATION: Boston Operations - Bedford, MA
EDUCATION REQUIRED: Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in math, engineering, business, or the sciences.
YEARS OF RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: This is an entry-level position and no minimum experience requirement exists.
REQUIRED SKILLS/EXPERIENCE: We are seeking highly motivated individuals with excellent quantitative and analytical skills with a minimum of 24 semester hours of mathematics or other quantitative courses (to include calculus). Familiarity with Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition policies (especially Information Technology programs) and/or Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools (ACEIT) suite is a plus.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Individuals will perform a wide variety of cost and economic analyses/estimating/engineering studies for the DoD to acquire state-of-the-art Information Technology Systems, command and control systems. Work may include parametric cost estimating, life cycle cost analysis, cost estimating relationships and model development, cost risk analysis, performance measurement (earned value), project forecasting and risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and software cost estimating.
U.S. citizenship required.

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