Quality Assurance

Tecolote's reputation is built on consistently providing accurate, complete, and replicable analysis. Our Project/Task Managers will implement quality assurance (QA) procedures for all contract products, contract reports, and other deliverables. Our approach to quality assurance focuses on sound methodologies, comprehensive documentation, understanding of performance standards, and compliance with applicable DoD, Navy, and Marine Corps guidance. From our years supporting the Navy and Marine Corps, we understand contract reporting and deliverable requirements. The table below summarizes the key elements of our quality assurance approach.

Key Elements of Tecolote's Quality Assurance Process

  • Effective Use of Performance Standards
    • Establish performance standards consistent with Government requirements and that make sense for scope of work
    • Implement surveillance methods that ensure quality performance without impeding progress
  • Open and Continuous Communication
    • Foster a complete understanding of customer requirements from inception and throughout the task
    • Prepare a detailed, coordinated approach plan, including selection of methods and models
    • Provide forums for exchange of feedback, best practices, and lessons learned between task teams
  • Qualified-Responsible Staff
    • Hire high quality and experienced people and apply the correct mix of skills and experience to each task
    • Empower managers and employees to make decisions and solve problems at the lowest levels
    • Provide training and mentoring to keep up with technical and process changes
  • Management Involvement
    • Ensure involvement of key senior personnel through technical advice and process standards/ improvements
    • Provide continuous training and interaction with senior technical experts
    • Conduct thorough technical/methodology reviews to ensure completeness, appropriateness, and accuracy
    • Provide analysts with modern equipment and reliable tools to ensure quality studies, analyses, and reports

Everyone on a task is responsible for meeting quality assurance standards. The Program Manager provides task oversight and technical guidance and focuses on the details of the specific work in progress. To ensure consistency between tasks, the Program Manager and the project/task management staff meet regularly to ensure they understand the progress being made. Our focus on quality assurance at all levels of the company ensures top-quality products will remain our hallmark. The proposed Tecolote Team personnel have established an excellent reputation throughout DoD, and specifically with the Navy and Marine Corps, for delivering high quality products, on time, and on-schedule. Further, our staff will start this task with complete, open communication with our Navy and Marine Corps clients to ensure mutual understanding of scope and complexity of each effort. This will allow us to meet cost targets and deliver the expected products.